Protocol Version 21.0 Update Pack

Please note: All sites must have greenlight status for protocol 19 before they can activate to protocol 21. Please contact the STAMPEDE team if you require assistance with protocol 19 activation.

Please refer to the essential documents page for all current documents.


Protocol 21.0 Training for Site Staff

To book protocol training dates please refer to the Upcoming Training page (password required).

If you were unable to attend the live sessions, please refer to the site staff protocol 21 training video, found on our Training Materials & Resources page with further information.


Protocol 21.0 Training for Principal Investigators

To view the training presentation please refer to the Upcoming Training page (password required).


Updated Essential Documents


Amendment - Protocol 21 (Non-substantial)


Amendment - Protocol 20 (Substantial)


Updated IMP Documents

Note: For IBs/SPCs submitted, please go to the reference safety information page.


New Participant Documents

Note: Metabolic sub-study PIS will only be provided to sites participating in the sub-study.


Activation Documents



M1RT Comparison Closure


Systemic Therapy in Advancing or Metastatic Prostate cancer: Evaluation of Drug Efficacy

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