Final Recruitment Figures

Since we opened back in 2005, up until the last comparisons finally closed to recruitment in 2023, almost 12,000 men have participated in the life-changing research of the STAMPEDE trial. Thank you to all the sites who have contributed to the success of the trial and who are still following up participants from the final comparisons.

You can see the final recruitment figures sorted by trial arm in the table below.


Trial Arm  Date Recruitment Ended Total
A: SOC Closed to recruitment 31-Mar-2023 4,754
B: SOC + ZA Closed to recruitment 31-Mar-2013 593
C: SOC + Doc Closed to recruitment 31-Mar-2013 592
D: SOC + Cel Closed to recruitment 06-Apr-2011 312
E: SOC + ZA + Doc Closed to recruitment 31-Mar-2013 593
F: SOC + ZA + Cel Closed to recruitment 06-Apr-2011 311
G: SOC + Abi Closed to recruitment 17-Feb-2014 960
H: SOC + RT Closed to recruitment 02-Sep-2016 1,032
J: SOC + Abi + Enza Closed to recruitment 31-Mar-2016 989
K: SOC + Metformin Closed to recruitment 31-Mar-2023 1,509
L: tE2 +/- RT +/- Doc Closed to recruitment 31-Mar-2023 347
All Arms   11,992


Systemic Therapy in Advancing or Metastatic Prostate cancer: Evaluation of Drug Efficacy

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