On Wednesday 1 November 2017, we'll be running a Twitter Q&A session about the STAMPEDE trial - with the hashtag #BeatProstateCancer. The purpose of the Twitter Q&A is to raise awareness of prostate cancer research. We hope to highlight how the STAMPEDE trial is improving the way in which prostate cancer is managed, enabling men to live longer and enjoy a better quality of life. Prostate cancer accounts for around one fifth of all male cancers. In the UK there are around 47,000 new cases each year and around 10,800 deaths. Most men with prostate cancer are given hormone therapy and this is often effective for a short time at stopping the tumour growing. However in most cases over time the tumour will start to grow again. The aim of this trial is to try to prevent the tumour re-growth by adding other treatment to the hormone therapy. STAMPEDE is testing several new treatments, compared to the standard treatment used for prostate cancer. So far, STAMPEDE has released results ...


Systemic Therapy in Advancing or Metastatic Prostate cancer: Evaluation of Drug Efficacy

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