Participant Information


The participant information section contains information relating to trial participation as well as results summaries developed to communicate results to trial participants and others that may be interested.


Trial Participant Information Sheets

Patient Information Sheets (PIS) describe all of the relevant trial related information in detail. Please see the table below for a breakdown of the different PIS' STAMPEDE has.


STAMPEDE: Patient Information Sheets (PIS)

What PIS?




Who should read it?


General Patient Information Sheet - Part 1 & 2 (Version 18)


Overview of why the study is being done and what it involves.

Details of study conduct and oversight


Everyone interested in taking part

Treatment Arm-Specific patient information sheet (PIS)

Arm A (Version 12)

Arm K (Version 4)

Arm L (Version 3)



Details of treatment associated with each arm of the study


Everyone allocated to the specific treatment



Additional Research Studies Patient Information Sheet (Version 15)


Details of quality of life study and other optional studies


Everyone interested in taking part



Trial Participant Information Linkage

The STAMPEDE study aims to test if different ways of treating prostate cancer can improve disease control, reduce relapse and improve life expectancy. The information we receive from study staff at your hospital provides the STAMPEDE researchers with information about your progress. However we need accurate long term information to know if the treatments being tested are improving life expectancy.

We would like to improve the reliability of the study results by linking the information we collect about you with electronic health records held by a variety of national registries and bodies such as the Office of National Statistics, NHS Digital, Public Health England. 

We will ensure that we update our study information with accurate information held by others by checking it against your personal details. We will securely transfer the directly identifiable data such as your name, NHS number or postcode for this purpose only. This is information that you provided when you first joined the study to enable us to do this. The study team will aim to routinely update the study data with this information, including which participants are still alive in the longer-term. We will continue to store this personal data separately from the clinical data. All information is stored securely at the MRC CTU at UCL and the data controller is UCL. Only the mentioned parties will access the identifiable information on the participants (ONS, NHS Digital and UCL). Any published results from the trial will not lead to participants being directly identified.

If at any point you do not want us to collect information about your health from national sources of health information then please talk to your study doctor or nurse who will then inform the STAMPEDE study team of your decision. Contact details for members of your study team will be listed within your Patient Information Sheet (PIS). This decision will not affect the care you receive in any way.


For more information on general data protection, please see the MRCCTU policy statement:



Systemic Therapy in Advancing or Metastatic Prostate cancer: Evaluation of Drug Efficacy

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