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PSA Progression Value Calculator

For the purposes of the STAMPEDE trial, a unique threshold PSA value for biochemical failure is calculated for each patient, referred to as the PSA progression value. In the past, research staff have received Progression Letters or contacted the STAMPEDE trial team to obtain this value. However the PSA progression calculator allows research staff to determine the Progression Value themselves, by entering the patient’s PSA results from randomisation to week 24, and printing a copy of the calculation for the patient’s records.

We hope with the launch of this calculator it will be easier for you to track a patient’s PSA record and progression status. Additionally we welcome any feedback or suggestions for improvement!

PSA Progression Value Calculator


PSA Doubling Time Calculator

PSA velocity can be calculated as change from the first PSA reading, standardized as PSA change per month. To assist research staff in calculations of this velocity or doubling time, please take advantage of this online PSA doubling time calculator.


Registration & Randomisation Date Calculator

If patients have already started ADT prior to randomisation, the first LHRH injection must have been given within 12 weeks prior to randomisation in order to be eligible for the STAMPEDE trial. If anti-androgens are being used, these must have started within 14 weeks prior to randomisation. In addition, there are different maximum limits of hormone therapy for eligibility to the Transdermal Oestradiol comparison and the Biomarker Screening Pilot.

This calculator can help you determine the last date for randomisation into the trial. Please use this alongside the protocol to ascertain the patient’s eligibility into individual comparisons and the Biomarker Screening Pilot.

Registration & Randomisation Date Calculator


Systemic Therapy in Advancing or Metastatic Prostate cancer: Evaluation of Drug Efficacy

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