As the STAMPEDE trial recruits its 10,000th participant, we would like to mark this milestone and take the opportunity to thank everyone involved, particularly participants and their families, all the hundreds of hospital staff involved and the staff at the MRC CTU at UCL. It would not be possible to help improve care for men with advanced prostate cancer without the dedication and continued involvement of all of these people. Impact on treatments for patients with prostate cancer STAMPEDE is the largest ever prostate cancer treatment trial. The study has already demonstrated improved survival with the addition of either docetaxel or abiraterone to standard-of-care treatment for men starting long-term hormone therapy. The clinical results from STAMPEDE on docetaxel were published in early 2016 and have changed the treatment for men with prostate cancer worldwide. Docetaxel is now available on the NHS to men with cancer that has spread to distant parts of their body. However, it is ...

Adding the drug docetaxel to standard hormone therapy is cost-effective when used to treat men with locally-advanced or advanced prostate cancer. This is according to results from the STAMPEDE trial which were presented yesterday at the Genitourinary Cancers Symposium in San Francisco. Previous results from the STAMPEDE trial have shown that adding the chemotherapy drug docetaxel to standard hormone therapy improves how long men with prostate cancer live by about 10 months, compared to hormone therapy alone. It also delays the disease getting worse. The new results show that adding docetaxel to standard hormone therapy is cost-effective when used for men whose disease has spread to distant parts of their bodies. It is also very likely to be cost-effective for men with locally-advanced disease (which has grown outside the surface of the prostate but has not spread further). The health economics analysis also suggests that it may even reduce costs to the NHS when used to treat men with ...

Selective CRFs were updated for the activation of Protocol 17, these were:

  • PR08 Form 1: Randomisation form
  • PR08 Form 2: Baseline Assessment Forms
  • PR08 Form 7: Follow Up Form
  • PR08 Form 14: SAE reporting Form



Please note, training dates are now available for the STAMPEDE General Site CRF training sessions. These sessions are mainly tailored for new staff members at site and any members wanting refresher training.

We will be discussing, how best to complete the CRFs in order to avoid queries, addressing common errors with CRF completion and responding to Data Clarification Forms.

The training dates are as follows:



11th December 2017 (Monday)

  3pm  –  4.15pm

22nd January 2018 (Monday)

 11am – 12.15pm

More training sessions coming up in the new year, dates to be confirmed.

Please register via Eventbrite using the following link:

You can find the slides for the CRF training here.

Further details on how to dial in via WebEx, will be sent out prior to each training sessions taking place.

On Wednesday 1 November 2017, we'll be running a Twitter Q&A session about the STAMPEDE trial - with the hashtag #BeatProstateCancer. The purpose of the Twitter Q&A is to raise awareness of prostate cancer research. We hope to highlight how the STAMPEDE trial is improving the way in which prostate cancer is managed, enabling men to live longer and enjoy a better quality of life. Prostate cancer accounts for around one fifth of all male cancers. In the UK there are around 47,000 new cases each year and around 10,800 deaths. Most men with prostate cancer are given hormone therapy and this is often effective for a short time at stopping the tumour growing. However in most cases over time the tumour will start to grow again. The aim of this trial is to try to prevent the tumour re-growth by adding other treatment to the hormone therapy. STAMPEDE is testing several new treatments, compared to the standard treatment used for prostate cancer. So far, STAMPEDE has released results ...


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Systemic Therapy in Advancing or Metastatic Prostate cancer: Evaluation of Drug Efficacy

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